Manual Wind Tunnels and Experimental Fluid Dynamics Research

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The trisonic wind tunnel is equipped with high-speed shadow and schlieren photography, pressure measurements and PSP, and PIV. We also design and develop flow control effectors such as synthetic jets, single dielectric barrier discharge and multiple encapsulated electrode plasma actuators, oscillating surfaces, vortex generators, and various other active and passive flow control devices.

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Fluid Dynamic Testing Facilities World-class experimental facilities are fundamental in conducting cutting-edge and breakthrough research. Unsteady aerodynamics is a flow-pattern dependent phenomenon.

During real flow experiences within a given time record, numerous turbulent structures may go by. One interesting finding about turbulence was that along with the path to turbulence, very diverse flows run through similar foreseeable phases exhibiting particular predictable pattern characteristics. Turbulent flow patterns often reveal a remarkably self-similar organization.

It seems reasonable to hypothesize a correlation between a limited number of particular flow structures and the diffusion transport and mixing behavior of the flow.

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This picture leads to the known low dimensional approaches. A major issue is how to detect recognize and extract the flow patterns of the turbulent structures governing the flow. In particular aerodynamic problems, the most representative turbulent structures immersed in the oncoming wind must be previously identified in order to reproduce them in wind tunnel experiments. A main objective in unsteady boundary layer wind tunnel aerodynamics is the realistic reproduction of the dynamic response of a body to oncoming individual turbulent structures immersed in the approaching wind.

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It is a complex problem, associated with the various space and time scales of the turbulent flow structures. It is known that flying through turbulence changes the aerodynamic forces increasing overall drag and fuel consumption. Nevertheless it is worth to mention that in some cases, a wing submitted to a particular vortex structure embedded in the approaching wind producing intense turbulent velocity fluctuations may only experience an instantaneous Reynolds stresses enhancement without significant changes in the lift forces.

The receptivity of two-dimensional laminar boundary layers on the curved surface of an airfoil passing through usual atmospheric turbulent free-stream vortices should be considered. It is important to point out that the boundary-layer receptivity to external perturbations characterizes the laminar-turbulent transition problem and therefore the local generation of vortex structures.

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