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Theodosia clapped a hand to her chest. A second scream rose up, a terrified yelp that quickly morphed into an anguished and frantic shriek, like steel wheels grinding against hot metal rails. Then came a terrifically loud thumping, like the sound a flat tire makes when it whap whap whaps against pavement. Except this was no flat tire. This was. This was followed by a dozen voices rising in a collective, jangled outcry. Theodosia spun quickly and peered down over the edge of the roof.

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Off to her right, twirling head over teakettle, a man was hurtling down the sloped slate roof of Timothy's house as if he were zipping down a child's slide. His pleading, anguished note pierced the darkness. Pierced Theodosia's heart as well. She hoped the poor man would find something, anything, to break his fall. They watched helplessly as the man flopped and tumbled, then landed in a deep V that formed one of the eaves in the expansive roof.

His arms flew out, beating wildly, as his fingers scrabbled desperately to find something to grasp. But he was moving too fast to completely arrest his fall and immediately catapulted down another few feet, heading for a decorative balcony. The man floundered again, making a grab for a balustrade to halt his terrible descent.

His fingers grazed it by a mere inch. Then his body torqued grotesquely as he banged his forehead against the top of a stone window pediment and a thin mist sprayed out in slow motion. Theodosia was in shock. It was as if the poor man had been caught in a hellish pinball machine, helplessly spinning and bouncing his way downward. Theodosia felt Drayton's hand grab her shoulder in a death grip as they watched the man take a final, sharp tumble and then disappear into darkness. Or did he fall?

She hit the second floor landing, spun past a man and woman who stared at her with quizzical expressions, and then rushed down a wider stairway to hit the first floor landing. From there she was pounding down a long hallway past a parade of Timothy Neville's Huguenot ancestors, all memorialized in gleaming oil portraits and staring down at her with faintly disapproving looks. Out the front door she ran, across the broad piazza, down the front steps, and around the side of the house into Timothy's garden.

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It was an elaborate Asian garden replete with reflecting pool, thickets of bamboo, statuary, and pattering fountains. Maybe the poor man hadn't been fatally wounded at all, Theodosia reasoned. Maybe he'd simply lost his footing, tumbled down, and somehow landed in Timothy's reflecting pool. That was her one hopeful thought. That he was spitting water right now, shaking his head, moaning over a broken arm or smashed collarbone.

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He'd need an ambulance, of course. And a wild-lights-and-siren trip to the emergency room. But perhaps there was still hope. There was always hope.

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But when Theodosia reached the backyard, she slid to a stop and gasped in shock. The poor man had landed directly on top of the antique wrought-iron fence that encircled Timothy's property. Reeling from such a frightful sight, Theodosia put a hand to her mouth and stifled a groan. Like a carefully collected insect held in place by a pin, the man was grotesquely impaled upon the sharply pointed fleur-de-lis spikes that topped the old fence. Tiptoeing closer, drawn almost hypnotically to this gruesome tableau, Theodosia stared at the hapless man.

His eyes were open wide in surprise and his white shirt was splattered with blood. Worst of all, one of the razor-sharp points of the fence had been driven clean through his neck. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. About the Author.

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Bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea or boba milk tea, is a Taiwanese Bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea or boba milk tea, is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan. Today, boba milk tea has spread across the world and is consumed everywhere! This delicious drink Boba Tea has become the new foodie phenomenon often sold in small shops around the Meeting a wealthy horse owner, Chloe is drawn deeper into the world of world class racehorse breading and training.

But soon a doping incident followed by a murder ruin her fun and put Chloe back on the case. Meanwhile, Alex needs help with a computer hacking crime of his own. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse as rivers run red, drinking of Guinness takes its toll, and a criminal pursuit by Officer Bill is required. Agatha Graves and Mr. She attends a game and encounters a killer.

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Only this murder is by the book. Amidst the tumult of the wedding between Agatha and Lawrence, Chloe must outsmart a serial killer and stop him before he strikes again.

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Fortunately Chloe is working on constructing the sets so she is available to apprehend the villian. Through three encounters, past, present, and future, he learns the meaning of Christmas and changes his life forever. Mountie Chuck Goodhead is off on some mysteries mission leaving Butterscotch to cope on her own which she was doing quite happiliy when Agent DeSoto of the FBI arrived claiming he was there on a fishing trip.

Put in charge of a work crew, her job is soon a cause for frustration which gets worse when rumors spread that the mansion is haunted. Part cozy mystery, part international thriller; call it a cozy international thriller. Every chapter concludes with a cliff hanger with one surprise leading to another until the dramatic conclusion. It turns out that plenty can go wrong when you run across a murdered camp counselor and uncover a plot to kidnap the children.

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