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S emiconductor devices are the core of all electronic products we use today, be they phones, radios, computers, toys or cars.

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For the most part, this industry and its products are hidden from view. As each year goes by, semiconductor devices are becoming smaller and thinner, using less energy and offering increased computing power. These strides in technology have fueled a boom in new products that capture the consumer's imagination: in. This industry is characterized by very high-quality standards paired with rapid new technology introductions.

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A missed design cycle often means no growth and loss of market share. These are turbulent times in the semiconductor industry, as many new technologies make their appearance through venture capital-funded, fabless semiconductor organizations. At the same time, new assembly houses and fabs are appearing in China and India. High-growth opportunities in these nations are forecasted to replace traditional markets. During these times of change, quality initiatives and improvements continue to be important.

The most demanding customers and the highest expectations for quality are found in the semiconductor sector. Let's look at the current challenges and pressures within this industry. These organizations, including many assembly houses, chemical suppliers or mask-set suppliers, were forced to adopt ISO instead. Some historical facts Since the early s, the semiconductor industry has seen a hundredfold improvement in product quality.

Organizations such as Motorola epitomized this change. Following that model, most semiconductor organizations followed a quality management systems road map similar to the one shown in figure 1. This road map resulted in semiconductor organizations sequentially applying gage repeatability and reproducibility; statistical process control; initial sample inspection reports, a predecessor to production part approval process PPAP ; failure modes and effects analysis FMEA ; control plans; 8-D; and others.

These systems fueled the quality improvements prevalent in semiconductor organizations. Others i. The problem is that, historically, semiconductor companies viewed quality management standards as a necessary evil to keep a customer happy. That mindset led companies to simply "meet the spec. As a result, we anticipate a decrease in quality. Will quality backslide?

There are two reasons for product quality and design lead times to backslide. The second is the advent of fabs and assembly houses in China and India.

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For the most part, the systems and workforces are very new in these factories. In our opinion, there will be a reversal in the hard-won quality improvements envisioned in the s. Transfer of knowledge base Culture and knowledge don't come with new technologies or new processes in the fab or assembly house. Furthermore, this evolution doesn't just happen by using common procedures. This merger makes Fox one of only a handful of crystal-oscillator manufacturers in the high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal timing arena.

The acquisition of a semiconductor company by a frequency-control company reveals an emerging trend toward component integration within semiconductor-based technology. Fox, Jr. The acquisition of Jet City enhances our ability to do this by bringing fresh, strategic technology that is ready for implementation into the market, instead of relying on endless traditional costreduction techniques that are running out of steam. This, in turn, enables us to develop and implement the latest technologies into our product offerings quickly and cost effectively.

Jet City Electronics was established in The company pioneered several technologies used in the high-frequency timing industry and several maskless memories to increase reliability while reducing fab costs. The company's core business includes high-performance, analog- intensive, mixed-signal, applicationspecific integrated circuits ASICs using phase-locked-loop PLL architectures. Bjoern Bartels. Fundamentals of Wireless Sensor Networks.

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